Vinyl Records


Drop the needle without lowering your standards. TEAC Turntables are engineered for music lovers just like you.


Check out the TN-180BT-A3 Wireless Turntable, our most affordable turntable on the market today. Housed in a high-density MDF cabinet for improved resonance reductions, this belt-drive turntable has everything you need to start on your vinyl journey, such as:

Want all those same benefits and then some? Check out the TN-280BT-A3 Wireless Turntable. It has everything the 180BT’s got, along with an anti-skating mechanism, aluminum die-cast platter with felt mat, and comes in two color options – walnut and black.


For those who already love vinyl and want to upgrade their listening experience, you can’t go wrong with the TN-400BT-SE Manual Belt Drive Turntable. This Bluetooth®-ready product has gold-plated output connectors that are oxidation-resistant, an Audio-Technica AT-95E MM-type cartridge (installed), and static-balanced S-shape tonearm with universal head-shell. It comes housed in a beautiful natural-varnished walnut cabinet with detachable dust cover for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Still want more? The TN-3B-SE Manual Belt Drive Turntable features a high-end SAEC knife-edge bearing, pivot-point tonearm for superior stability and resolution. Available in gorgeous black, cherry, or white, the TN-3B-SE has shock-absorbing insulation feet, an Audio-Technica AT-VM95E VM-type cartridge (installed), and a honeycomb patterned bottom panel to minimize vibrations without compromising on its sleek design.

TN-3B-SE Manual Belt-Drive Turntable Black Cherry Gloss White


TEAC has been producing showstopping audio equipment since 1953, and we’re pleased to continue that tradition with two of our best-performing turntables to date. The TN-4D-SE Direct Drive Turntable with SAEC Tonearm is an elegant analog product that uses a newly-developed brushless DC servo motor to achieve crystal-locked speed stability and smoother rotation without cogging. It also boasts a carefully designed phono EQ amplifier that allows you to directly connect to line-level inputs of your existing hi-fi system and the highly regarded Oyster MM cartridge from the legendary SUMIKO.

But for those who truly can’t get enough vinyl, invest in our flagship TN-5BB Manual Belt Drive Turntable. This analog turntable, which supports MC balanced output, features a hybrid chassis that combines a synthetic marble, washi paper, and piano-black-lacquer-covered MDF materials, along with a 9-inch S-shaped knife edge bearing design tonearm by SAEC. Some of its main features include:

  • Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (PRS3) belt drive structure to support accurate and stable platter rotation.
  • Vertical tonearm height adjustment for aligning to larger bodied cartridges.
  • An Ortofon 2M RED MM cartridge (installed) for highest quality, out-of-the-box enjoyment.
  • XLR balanced output connectors for analog output (in addition to ordinary RCA connectors)
  • Automatic arm lifting when playback ends for convenient listening.

Prepare to hear your records in an entirely new way with TEAC.